About Rich & Hugo (Team K9 Cardio)

Me trying to keep Hugo still for a second

Hugo during a walk

Hugo with his teddy, after a walk!

K9 Cardio is a team comprising me (Rich) and Hugo (my canine business partner) who comes along on many of the dog walks.

Hugo is a Sprocker (Cocker-Springer cross). The end result in his case is what looks like a small Springer Spaniel, high energy, cardio machine. I literally think he has the heart of a horse!

Hugo’s high energy and exercise requirements, plus the fact I have always hiked, biked and run, are what got me thinking about providing a dog walking service with the emphasis on high tempo, more exercise and greater stimulation, verses the usual plodding around for an hour that many dog walkers do.

The service I provide is like a typical dog walking service, but with a much greater focus on the exercise and enjoyment needs of the dogs. More fun multi-terrain doggy workout/hiking!

A little more about me – I live in Chandler’s Ford and am a fit, active, outdoor loving, father of two, looking to spend less time working in front of a computer and more time working outdoors playing with and walking dogs.

I love and have been around dogs since a young age. In fact  my mother bred German Shepherds when I was a child. We also kept German Shepherds and Rough Collies as pets.

I much prefer this as my office!

Local Dog Walker

I am a fully insured, DBS checked dog walker. Dog walking areas include Chandler's Ford, Hiltingbury, Knightwood, Valley Park & Otterbourne.


Why K9 Cardio Is Different

  • No dirty dogs! I clean & dry dogs after walking
  • I carry a dog first aid kit & I am completing  a dog first aid course
  • I use no vehicle advertising. I don't want to highlight you are not home if I park at your property. Vehicle advertising would be great for me, but it shouts 'empty house, no one's home' for you!
  • See the Why Us page for more reasons